TELL THE FISH: 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations by Jimmy Mack Healing

If you or someone you love reads their astrology every day, this is a great addition. A large book filled with daily inspirational stories and powerfully encoded spirit filled affirmations. This is an ideal gift for those looking for daily inspiration every day of the year. It will allow one to become more awake, invigorated and filled with positive energy. It took 7 years to write!







“I seldom give anything a five-star rating but this book is an exception…definitely worthy of 5-stars plus. I read it at the start of each day, some days it’s amusing, some are soulful, but everyday has an affirmation I can relate to. My daughter will receive a copy under the Christmas tree this year! I’ve also read jimmy’s other book to How to Heal Yourself and Others NOW but Tell the Fish is by far my favorite.” – Wendy (Amazon reviewer)

“These are super short and profound stories that are so easy to read each day. I have fun reading them to my 11-year-old son and then talking about his insights on the way to school each morning.” – J. Baker (Amazon reviewer)

“Jimmy Mack has written a wonderful book that has straight forward advice for daily living. And it makes you laugh! Thank you Jimmy.” – VMM (Amazon reviewer)

“This is such an inspirational, motivational, and powerful way to start each day! Such a fun and easy read. The perfect gift for family and friends. Especially, if you have a loved-one who is suffering with an illness or just feeling blue. These daily, inspirational stories will have you feeling enthusiastic and looking forward to the magical possibilities of a new day!” Rhonda (Amazon reviewer)

“Tell the Fish is awesome. I have been a big fan of daily inspirations and affirmations for years and from numerous sources. Tell the Fish is easier and more relatable than any I have received yet. Jimmy and his healing touch put into words is a must read. Keep it by your bead one in your desk and back pocket. My Favorite is January 18th, The Fish have power and will help you heal.”- Tracey K (Amazon reviewer)

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