My sessions are not like any other healers/practitioners that I know.  I have taken a variety of healing modalities over decades including: Reiki Master, Psychic Development courses, Remote Viewing, Ascension with the monks, ThetaHealing®, Reconnective Healing® 1,2 & 3, Matrix Energetics®; (all levels including Certified Practitioner), Yuen Method® – almost too many to list – Certified Shaman, Doctorate in Divinity and Access Consciousness® just to name a few!  After an NDE (near death experience) I have melded these experiences and what I consider “the best of the best” into what I do/practice now.  It is my technological method of healing

I offer phone sessions for the lower 48 states and use Skype calling worldwide. Same day appointments are available for long-term, existing clients.

In person appointments are available if you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

They are all equally powerful….morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available 7 days a week.

There is nothing to be nervous about!  You will find sessions entertaining, fun, informative and hopefully they will create change with/for you!


The options for booking your first-time session include a full hour Dynamic Session at a rate of $198 for 60 minutes.  However, one hour sessions are generally reserved only for those clients who have never had work done before and have multiple issues illness disease disorders… several major life challenges…. questions about relationships, work job career, finances etc.  It takes time to discuss these, sort them out and create a plan.

A Standard 30-minute session is another option primarily for experienced/established clients as well as a first-time appointment UNLESS you have multiple issues, diseases, disorders, life changes and things that take time to discuss and work through.  The Standard Session is a rate of $68 for 30 minutes. Once you’re an established client, you’ll find that even a tune-up session as brief as 15 minutes can make a world of difference at a rate of $38 for 15 minutes

If you cannot afford the hour, I would encourage you to do the half hour instead of nothing at all. 30-mins of unused time during a one hour session CAN be stored in a “time bank” for future use.  *However, you may NOT combine two – 30 min sessions into a single 1-hr appointment.

Regular clients also have the option of splitting up their time into 15 or 30 minutes increments as needed and bank the remainder.

NOTE: By comparison, others whom I’ve studied with, Kam Yuen and Richard Bartlett, charge up to $500 for 25 minutes for personal sessions.


Unless prior arrangements have been made, your payment must be completed at least 24 hours prior to our session, otherwise the session will not occur. If seeing me in person, you can bring cash or check,  but you MUST pre-pay if using credit card.  Once you pay for your session, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to contact me to schedule your appointment & it will include a link back to this page so you can review the information on how to prepare.

Ready to book now?


If you are in the Tampa Bay area, I would encourage you to visit with me in person.  I see clients at my home in Clearwater, FL  or there is also phone if in the lower 48 States or Skype worldwide. After you pre-pay for your appointment time 15/30/60 minutes, you’ll be sent an email with access to my online scheduling calendar to choose a time that works in your time zone and reminders will be sent via email and/or text just prior to our call time.  Often you will find appointment availability within 72 hours of your purchase. I will call you at our appointed time with the contact info provided. Confirmed times from me directly are always quoted in Florida time ie: EST (Eastern Standard Time USA).  Lower 48 states in the USA are always hands free phone and earbuds, bluetooth or speaker work best.

On the last Friday of each month from 10-4pm I have office hours in Tampa for 15/30 minute sessions at Dr. Charlotte Tempone’s Swann Holitstic Health Solutions.  Call them directly to book ☎️ (813) 873-7773.

Note: If you have pre-paid and I cannot reach you via phone and email within the first 15 minutes, we will reschedule. I am often wait listed and have a variety of clients worldwide including those with life-changing diseases and disorders, so we both need to be committed to our time together. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns prior to our appointed time, please contact me at

Because of time factors, I cannot/will not call, text, or talk with you for an hour about your scheduling of a session or try to talk you into scheduling your session.  I am sure you understand.


Write down a list of questions or topics you would like to work on or change ahead of time, but do not send them to me. We will address them live when we connect. Nothing is taboo and everything isn’t just confidential, it is sacred.

Your list can be a top ten topical written list or one you put on your smartphone.  List topics for body, mind, or spirit, both good and bad to discuss; mad at mom, ex-spouse rage, future travel plans or alternative work ideas, nutritional vitamin, mineral list, Rx list, blocks, negative issues and positive changes you’d like to make; like what you may want to create in relationships, health, disease & disorder, money, jobs, life, spiritual questions etc. For example:  “I would like to gain/lose weight, I am mad at____________ I wish I could______”

Again, keep your list with you, do not send it to me.  Also keep your meds/supplements near you or have a list of what you are taking now and or want to add or delete from the list.  We will address each topic LIVE during our session. Ideally, you will also want to have paper and pen with you during our session to write down ideas, and good stuff that comes up and through me from your guides and loved ones ;-).

If you know how to muscle test or use a pendulum that’s great, plan on doing that!  And you can actually watch me change the direction of your pendulum during our sessions.  If not, I will show you standing applied kinesiology/muscle testing in under a minute (feel free to Google/YouTube this ahead of time!). Merely figure out which way is due North, plan on standing and have the ability to be hands-free or speakerphone if on phone or Skype.  If you cannot stand without pain or dizziness you can use a pendulum or I can test for you.  I am tapping into the field of all that is and The Holy Spirit stuff for lack of a better word.  Clients report hot and cold sensations, and feelings like me running my fingers, through their hair, tingling, and 9 out of 10 clients feel lighter and breathing easier is not uncommon.  All from across the room, over the bay or across the globe.

Be on time and be hydrated. This is for you, not for me. It will allow you to better feel the changes taking place. You will want to be really hydrated prior to our session (drink water prior to and during) if the session is surrogate ie: for someone else other than you like a relative, pet, etc., we are still going to go through you so all of the above applies. I do not allow recording devices of either audio/voice or video/film unless it is for a worldwide Radio or TV show.  It is so that you do not review, readdress and or recreate what we have hopefully, profoundly, magically, deleted, added or changed.

Please refrain from wearing any perfumes or colognes.  We don’t want any lingering scents that could disturb other visiting clients.

You are paying for my time, not results or products; but sometimes miracles do occur! 😉 If you have not already ordered my audios and/or read my new books, please visit this link to my online shop . I believe you will find them informative, entertaining, and profoundly helpful and that is why I believe they have been so popular.  You do not need to read them ahead of time or ever at all in order to have a session

Clients have described sessions as liberating, and have reported profound breakthroughs, laughter, tears and fun…and you will learn a lot too. Read more about what others have experienced here.


VIP Service: Daily Prayer (30 days of daily prayer)

Specialty Session: Pet Animal Healing (30 Minutes)

My Liquid Fish® Mastery & Practitioner Certification (online course)


Jimmy has personally worked with Rev. Michael Beckwith from the movie “The Secret” and created a session for over 400 live parishioners and thousands more via livestream at Agape International in LA  .

Additionally, he has worked with Ken Seeley, the founder of “Intervention 911” and an interventionist on the A&E network’s show “Intervention” as well as Alisha Killebrew the medium/psychic who appeared on the Bravo television series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, “Watch What Happens Live!” and “Couples Therapy”.  Jimmy has also worked with Greg Marra, who specializes in tribute pieces in honor of our Military.  He is known as “America’s Sculptor” as featured in Time Magazine.  Jimmy is a contributing author in a new book featuring Bob Proctor also from the movie “The Secret”, and Dr. Maria Nemeth entitled “Take Action Now!”

If you are still not sure about scheduling, that is fine, often I have clients on standby and I stay super busy!  I would encourage you to read over the testimonial section of my website    

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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