Spiritual Healing Techniques by Jimmy Mack Healing

This is the quintessential technique for creating profound changes for yourself as well as others. Whether you are a novice or considered an expert or experienced healer, this technique will greatly increase your skills. Most of us in this realm have always pondered that, “there must be a simpler, easier and more complete way.” For those of you who have just come upon this book, perhaps it has chosen you! For those of any level of healing skills who always felt or knew that there was something more, this is also for you. By utilizing a simple consistent strategy, you can create changes and make a difference in your life and that of others and it’s especially recommended for healing professionals to incorporate into their practice.



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“This book is a gem! While still readable and interesting to the lay person, you can feel it’s deep healing technologies and frequencies. Perhaps the best one yet!”

– T.G. / Seattle

“Using simpler and profound examples from clients and his own experiences, Jimmy gives clear instruction on how to restore the human body, mind, and soul to wholeness.”

– J.P. / Virginia

“Jimmy Mack, brings a unique and steady voice in the healing and self-help world, he has written another refreshingly practical guide to healing and change.”

– V.M. / Los Angeles

“This book is the latest of his spiritual downloads ( I’m sure from spirit!) that will actually give you the check list of what to do and how to accelerate My Liquid Fish.”

– F.J./ New York

“This is a refreshing simplistic way to change everything! No more tedious week long courses or dumping thousands in to complicated healing methods with questionable results. Once you get your head around this, you won’t need anything else., oh and get the Audio version too, there is something about Jimmy Mack’s voice reading it that seems to change everything and take you in to even deeper waters!”

– M.J./ Atlanta

“This book seems simple, but goes DEEP! I read it several times and by about the 3rd pass I really x3 got it. Now a lot of things are just plug and play like he said in the book and it is fast, simple and dare I say fun!”

– R.M. / Chicago

“Jimmy has taken the deepest subject of spiritual healing changes and turned it in to a handy, easy to read and apply guide that once implemented should take you well on your way to actually making, real, measurable progress that you can feel. This book knocks it out of the pond and in to outer space!”

– L.S. / San Francisco


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