Take Action Now! by Jimmy Mack Healing

Written by Jimmy Mack, Bob Proctor, and Maria Nemeth

Expert Coaches Share Their Secrets For Success and give their advice on what has worked for them and what will work for you.
To learn the MyLiquidFish™ technique, you need not take weekend courses, study huge books, download endless systems, or practice dozens of healing modalities. You need not meditate with a yogi in a cave for twenty-five years to figure out how to do this. I have done all of those things and more already and I am presenting this technique to you as a culmination of all of it melded into one thing.

In the book, I will explain it to you in simple terms and within minutes you will be able to practice and play with the symbol and try it out on every conceivable type of person, place, thing, situation, pet, disease, disorder, phobia, fear, financial issue, weight issue, sexual hangup and most anything else you can come up with.



“The perfect motivational book to really get your life moving in a positive direction! My favorite technique, for immediate results, is the Liquid Fish. I do this every morning for about 3 minutes and have been amazed at all of the positive changes that have come to fruition! This book is a perfect gift for loved-ones who may be stuck in a rut, because exciting and powerful changes happen so rapidly!” – Rhonda (Amazon reviewer)

“Highly recommended! Jimmy Mack’s liquid fish is amazing! Truly using the process on a daily basis has made my life better than I could have dreamed. So simple, yet so effective! Such a blessing!” – Triplet Mommy (Amazon reviewer)

A must read for anybody looking for fast, easy answers and simple methods for busting through life’s many blockades! Forget meditating for hours or doing some sort of mental “cleanse.” This book stands by it’s name…you CAN take action now!” – B.E. Block (Amazon reviewer)

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