The Tackle Box: My Liquid Fish, Change Made Simple by Jimmy Mack Healing

This is the follow up book to How To Heal Yourself And Others Now. If you have taken a variety of healing modalities, and read various books on spiritual gifts and how to books on healing, this book is for you. If you are that person that always believed that there was a simpler way to change things in an instant, this book is for you. If you’re a client of mine who already knows how to “fish” but wants to become a “pro-fisherman” this book will give you the whole enchilada! Everything I explain and talk about in my one on one sessions is ALL in this book!






“Streamlined precise detail for positive results. I have done in person sessions with this author (which I highly recommend) and now I understand the process behind his work! Great explanation of how to do daily clearings and enjoyed the stories of all of the miracles that have occurred. I love how swiftly you can obtain results without years of meditation.” – Tracey Burroughs (Amazon reviewer)

“It’s all there, everything you do! Perfecto and thanks for sharing this with the UNIVERSE, and little ole’ ME! It doesn’t have to be so difficult, and those that are ready to embrace the fish and play and release will be quite happy with their lives.” ~ K.D.

“Elegantly simple yet stunningly helpful. From small problems to big issues, The Tackle Box has the answers. If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated, Jimmy Mack’s approach will let you set yourself free. Highly recommend!” – B. E. Block (Amazon reviewer)

“Divinely inspired, Simple to use techniques, Amazing results.” – Harmony528 (Amazon reviewer)

“What an awesome book! Practical, inspiring, & life-changing. Very uplifting. You make me feel like all my problems are nothing and life is magical lol. Blessings.” ~ I.S.

“I was introduced to this fish technique a few months ago and I noticed things shifting right away. I definitely had much more positivity and peace in my life. Now that I’ve read this book, it’s totally amped up what I’m able to work on by myself because it clearly gives the to do’s, not to do’s, and musts, plus it explains the why’s and hows in a quick easy read. I know it’s working on more levels than I’m probably even aware of and it’s fun and simple to use!” – Sanbid22 (Amazon reviewer)

“THANK YOU so much for the amazing improvement in my energy level that happened because of your medical recommendation and because of the Liquid Fish!!!! Absolutely amazing! I deeply love the Liquid Fish. I have read the book and I work with the Liquid Fish every single day – it is so much fun, it brings so much joy and I feel so grateful for this gift!!! Sometimes the pure divine simplicity and the intensity of the energy by simply drawing the fish is overwhelming… Sorry, don’t have enough English words to express my feeling, my joy, my gratefulness… Now I would really like to learn more and go into it on a deeper level.” ~ E. Lettner

“Jimmy’s work reminds me of a credit card commercial, where they try to put a price on various items and eventually determine that certain things are priceless. Well, after reading The Tackle Box and purchasing a number of Jimmy’s audio recordings, I’d have to agree that Jimmy Mack is priceless! Especially for my children and grandchildren, I appreciate having options to deal with health and spiritual issues that involve creative expression, which is for me the highest quality of information that I can obtain or access in this domain. It is so refreshing to be able to solve problems and tackle life’s hurdles based upon wisdom, versus having to deal with opinions and theories that propagate from state sponsored institutions and agencies. If it weren’t for the simple but elegant theme of relating to the fish, I think I’d refer to this book as My Jewel Box! In any event, it certainly does contain some of life’s greatest treasures. Simple but powerful, and I highly recommend this one for your personal library.”- RBI (Amazon reviewer)

“Just a note to let you know I’ve been playing with fishing for my daughter. She enjoyed her training in Charlotte, and passed with a 99%—tied as the highest score in the class! She didn’t have any anxiety attacks or worry about taking tests and reported that she was calm and understood and remembered what she learned!She said I can do VooDoo on her anytime! Yeah!! Now feeling more confidence to work on my little grand-daughter remotely. Thanks for what you teach!” ~ L.J.

“In a time when New Age gurus are peddling their workshops and invisible products for top dollar and trying to copyright God, Jimmy Mack is offering a revolutionary set of energetic tools for pennies. The Tackle Box is full of highly useful, powerful techniques for do it yourself healing—including a highly simplified and effective method called My Liquid Fish, how to muscle test what to do when things aren’t working, and what is important and what is unnecessary. This book is helpful for the lay person as well as practitioners. In this case, the Emperor has clothes.” ~ Tamara Guirando, San Francisco, CA


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