In response to the current global situation with the arrival and worldwide spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have created a brand new MyBeliefWorks™ audio that goes very deep into addressing and clearing your body’s organs and systems, calming stress and anxieties, fears and worries of illness, death, financial hardship, lifestyle changes and the unknown and aligning your soul to the positive so you can transcend, survive, thrive and come out better on the other side during the coronavirus crisis.

The 48-hour listening preview has expired and we are thrilled to say that thousands of visitors came to this page to listen and many sent in their gratitude and comments.

Here’s What Folks Had to Say:

“Thank you so much for all the brilliant healing. In particular the audio for Transcending Covid 19 is incredible!! We calmed down immediately! I had not even released how much pressure was out there. In the midst of looking after 86 year old Mum and not well at all without any medical support in lock down :))) to suddenly deeply relaxing and feeling like I was hanging out. Words are beyond me for this oneNever could we have been more sure of the efficacy of this audio. In a world which is stressed out of its mind this brought immediate relief. I played it on super low for my mum and saw her transcend all her fears and anxieties and start to smile. How incredible is that!! So bless ya a million times…this is awesome. And so kind to share for free time. Bless ya again :))) Have shared it wildly and widely. This is a definite must for everyone’s tool kit. Thanks Jimmy may you, Sandy and all the team be well and very happy. lots of love.” –  Rahima  / UK

“I’ve listened to the Covid download 5 times so far – I experienced an initial intensification of my feelings surrounding the issue, but after the 4th time, my feelings receded a bit.  The flow reminded me of the healing ‘crisis’ that sometimes accompanies homeopathic remedies.” – James L.

“You are such a special Light Worker! Sending you and all you hold near and dear much Love and blessings! I am certain all of us listening to you feel immediately uplifted! You have such a gift!” – Annie K

“I listened to this at about 5.40 am UK time. Fell asleep and woke up about three hours later. Brilliant healing and I love that you included loved ones at least twice on important clearings. I am truly grateful for that. Everyone please listen. Thank you Jimmy. Bless you all. ” 

That MP3 was so wonderful in so many ways, thank you so much for your Graciousness and Love.” – Marci B.

“LOVE the COVID audio and have listened twice during this 48-hour freebie.  Thank you so much for your generosity, Jimmy Mack.  I think I’ve said it before but will say it again, you ROCK!  Also, big thanks for always adding some funny stuff to your TGI newsletters.  I appreciate the little bits of levity, especially right now.  Much love to you! ” -T Diaz, Boulder, CO

MyBeliefWorks™ for Transcending the COVID-19 Crisis

This particular recording is 21-minutes in length and includes 46 individual clearing statements.  There are two additional special sections included 1) Global/Worldwide Process for Releasing the Stages of Grief and the second is a global prayer for the world and for the coronavirus itself and transmuting that.

We are now offering the 2) Prayer for Scrambling the Frequency of the Coronavirus to listen here for free.


Go here to  purchase the full 20-min recording and download your personal copy for only $37. 

Everyone take care of yourselves and each other and know that we are here to help/guide and support you!