Angel Communication

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I have experienced profound mystical events in my life and during a stint in ICU  I was visited by Angels and continue to communicate with them daily.  Not just mine, but yours too and whoever else shows up during healing sessions.  Often these can be Guardian Angels, guides, loved ones that have crossed over and any hosts of other “all good” entities that help us during your session.  Angel communications can be referred to as divine guidance or spirit communication.  Our Angels want to communicate with us but they speak a “different style of language”.  It’s helpful to learn how to hear and understand angels by learning “their” language.  An analogy is that of learning a language from another country. Angelic language is a process similar to developing your intuition as you are learning to develop abilities that you already have and may be unaware of.

We are all spiritual beings learning to have the human experience.  When I was a child I was naturally open spiritually and psychically, since we recently came from the spiritual realm.  There are often stories of children having imaginary friends, saying they spoke to deceased relatives, heard or seen bizarre things that we may find hard to believe.  These events are often discounted and dismissed by parents and other adults as the child’s imagination.  Since their elders do believe their “stories”, most children learn to ignore these events or not talk about these experiences and “hide” them or discount them as well.  As a result, our natural ability to communicate with angels and spirit is often forgotten and lost or stuffed as we get older.  So, in a way it is simply a matter of remembering how to communicate with angels and spirit.  When you think back to your own childhood you may ask yourself

1. Did I see angels or spirits or have imaginary friends?
2. Did I hear voices or someone talking to me when no-one was around?
3. Did I have “gut feelings” of what to do or not do?
4. Did I “just know” information with no real explanation of how?
5. Were these experiences discouraged or encouraged?
6. When did you stop having these experiences?

 These questions may help you remember some these events and experiences.  This may help you identify and understand your current belief structures about angels and angel communication.  It is helpful to work on releasing any related negativity or blocks from our childhood and believe that angel communication is possible.  I can help you with that.

There are 4 main methods or channels of angel communication or divine guidance.  They are Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognizance (clear knowing).  People tend to have a natural ability for one or two of these methods.  So, ask yourself which ones you relate to or experience as you read this information.  You have the ability to develop ALL of the methods of angel communication.

Like developing any ability it takes practice.  So, practice communicating with your angels and ask for divine guidance frequently.  Ask them to show you signs.  Then, tune in and pay attention to what you may see, hear, feel or just know.  Similar to following your intuition, just go with whatever comes to you and ideally write it down.  Refocus if you start to question or rationalize whatever you may experience.  Practice also involves keeping and open mind and learning to trust your instincts.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a former psychologist who is now a clairvoyant and an author of many excellent books about angels and angel communication.  She even holds courses on learning how to communicate with angels to become what she calls an Angel Therapy Practitioner.  I highly recommend her books about angels as they have tons of great information and are very interesting.  Portions of some of the books are even channeled or written by angels.

If you are new to angels, Doreen Virtue has a wonderful small introduction to angels book called “Angels 101”.  It explains the meanings of angel messages which come in the form of numbers as well as the colors associated with different angels.  During sessions, I never know whether your angels, guides or loved ones will show up or mine will, but I know that it can make our visit and session more informative, healing and together we can make profound healing progress