I am blessed to receive profound and moving testimonials every week of my life.

They are all real and unsolicited.

They continue to confirm that I am following my life’s work and divine purpose.  I sincerely hope that I can add yours to the growing list.

If you scroll all the way down, you will find other professionals in my line of practice and what they had to say.

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Marissa Geraci
“Seeing Jimmy is more than just an appointment or a session, it’s an experience. Most of us are too old or jaded to believe in magic, but that is the only word that makes sense to me after being in a room with him. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I’ve always thought of Jimmy as my therapist. He has the ability to get to the heart of your stuff within minutes, and help you find healing, peace, and resolutions as quickly as the universe will allow. I am forever thankful for the friend who said, You need to go see Jimmy.”

“Had my first healing session with Jimmy Mack. I can assure anyone that he is the real deal. He made me feel comfortable and I was pleased with the results. I was reluctant at first and after listening to a lot his weekly shows, I tried it and I liked it, I have recommended his services to quite a few people, he not only fixes your ailments but he incorporates the mental element also. Thank you Sir,it was an honour to be healed by you. Will book another session.”

Lucia Prohor
“There are many special people in my life, family, friends and clients for which I am very grateful, and then there is Mr. Jimmy Mack. Spirit flows and talks through Mr. Mack with such ease and grace that no words are enough to describe it. During these challenging times, the Corona virus, stay at home orders, work stop, protests, a word in turmoil, Mr. Mack has been my direct connection with divinity. My weekly 15 minutes with him are an oasis of divine filled with calm, hope , health and belief in better times ahead. In only 15 minutes, you come back into balance . Just trust the Spirit that brought you here, book the sessions and your life journey will change for the best! And the monthly prayers are absolutely working. The week I started the program, we had business coming back! Blessings to all!”

Michael Rabideau
“Working with Jimmy has been life changing. I have worked with many amazing healers from all across the US and there is a reason I am continuing to choose Jimmy over them. He is precise, efficient, deep, simple, effective and profound in his ability to get to the core of things and create meaningful shifts in ones life. I am so thankful to have been guided to him and I highly recommend him. Also – his price is extremely affordable for his work- extremely. Thanks so much Jimmy!”

Amber S.
“If someone told me the profound and noticeable changes that would take place in my life once I started working with Jimmy Mack, I would have laughed and said no way, that’s impossible! In the week after we worked together for the first time, I began noticing changes in the attitudes of people around me, shocking changes. The changes were smallish to begin with and they continued to grow and eventually my dreams began to manifest in front of my eyes. Today, I am living in my brand new home in paradise, less than a mile from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, working at my ideal job, I surround myself with wonderful people and in short, life is good. I never could have imagined the gifts that would come my way as a direct result of working on myself with Jimmy Mack’s ThetaHealing and Matrix Energetics. I am spending more quality time with my son, I am enjoying ideal relationships, my life is full of abundance and grace, I have perfect health with lots of energy, vitality and stamina. On top of all this, I feel blissful and at ease. All of this, I owe to Jimmy Mack- Thank you for making my life incredible and complete.”

Linda R.
“Within a couple of days of signing up for your Daily Prayer Service the magic happened. It worked so quickly Jimmy, that I was suddenly too busy to even write to tell you. My mostly word-of-mouth service was languishing. Well not anymore more work than I can handle, some even insisting on over-paying me. Doesn %80%99t get any better than that! Also am very impressed by your MyBeliefworks for Ideal Weight audio. I played it, believed it would work and my late night stress-eating is thing of the past . And amazingly- I am OK with that. So long, good by to all those extra calories! Everyone has issues of some sort. But I decided to do something constructive to resolve mine figuring something might just happen -and it did. Thank you Jimmy for being there with your creative solutions- for those of us willing to think a bit outside the box.”

el Ma Ra
“Hi Jimmy, I wanted to write share my experience of my session with you ~ and to THANK YOU! After my friend raved about how amazing she felt at the end of her appointment ~ I was left feeling not much at all and a bit ho hum at the end of my appointment. However being a powerful Healer myself ~ I know that feeling awesome it not always the best indicator of a great appointment ~ so I stayed open kept asking for the miracles to show up. WELL…. I may NOT have felt amazing but I would have to say I had the most amazing results I have ever had from an appointment from another Healer. Within 3 days ~ I found 45,000 I did not know I had ~ and a week later a new 1000 client found me in the most interesting way ~ which had not happened for years. So to say I am happy with my appointment with you Jimmy would be an understatement! I am ecstatic I will definitely be in touch again should I feel I want need to go deeper. Thank you richest blessings.”

“Hi Jimmy, Just a quick update for you – I last wrote you about 8 months ago and you told me to stick with money and investing as I was considering different options to pursue – just wanted to let you know it’s going pretty darn well! I’ve been investing in the crypto market in my free time, learning as much as I possibly can, and it has paid off. Over the months I’ve created a nice portfolio that has grown quickly into 6 figures, and I’ve doubled or tripled most of my investments. Granted it’s a perfect scenario right now for a beginning investor, but the timing is just perfect , and I know who to give credit to! I am so grateful for my session with you, your recordings, and MLF. Keep up the good work, and thank you!”

Michael Rabideau
“Working with Jimmy has been life changing. I have worked with many amazing healers from all across US and there is a reason I am continuing to choose Jimmy over them. He is precise, efficient, deep, simple, effective and profound in his ability to get to the core of things and create meaningful shifts in one’s life. I am so thankful to have been guided to him and I highly recommend him. Also- his price is extremely affordable for his work- extremely. Thanks so much Jimmy!”

“I came to you asking only for help healing a broken heart filled with unforgiveness. Yet an unexpected surprise was soon noted. Despite arthritis, bursitis, rotor cuff injury, and two broken vertebrae, I found myself walking without a cane or walker!!! I’ve waited several days before forwarding this on to you, as I thought it might just be a fluke. Yet I’m still walking around on my own, without any help.”

C. F.
“What can i say i have done sooooo many different types of healings. you name it I’ve pretty much done it, yet i have NEVER found someone like Jimmy Mack! Truly this man is one amazing and talented healer. he is incredibly gifted and giving with his time and healing abilities. He really cares and goes the extra mile, to help you out, pretty much No matter what! More than anything -Jimmy’s healing sessions REALLY honestly work! He is so fast and can change and improve sooo many different aspects or your life with pretty much the blink of an eye! You want to improve and change your life for the better , forever , contact jimmy!!! honestly he’s Amazing!”

Susan Cobb
“I just want to share some things with you that has recently happened. I came to you on November 6th and since then, some amazing events have taken place in my life… I got a job working with a natural wellness center, (my passion and I love the work), my boyfriend and I found the house we’ve been looking for, for the past year. We’ll be moving next month. and…. yesterday, my boyfriend proposed to me. He is the love of my life and I’m feeling so incredibly blessed. I believe you helped me remove some blockages…. Thank you. I wish you a very happy prosperous New Year. God Bless you and your family. I’ll keep in touch, and I look forward to our next visit.”

Kevin R.
“I just wanted to give you some feedback from our session. We spent some time going over my possible acceptance into the University of Pittsburgh. Today I was accepted, with a 2 year job as a graduate researcher which includes having my tuition completely paid, health benefits and a stipend! Thank you for your help in opening me up to this abundance!”


 Letters From Great Healers & Well-Known People

Jimmy Mack opened the doors for me to access the true spirit from all dimensions, and internally to become the sculptor, husband, father, businessman, and spiritual being I always knew I could be. Why people like him aren’t sought after by hundreds of people a day I’ll ever understand. I call him to check on me and how I test with the angels. Jimmy will and forever be a part of my life and success

Your humble sculptor,
Gregory Marra
America’s Sculptor
Featured in TIME magazine.

“Jimmy Mack breaks all the rules and myths about healing and achieving success in life!  Myths like it takes many years of working hard on yourself to receive healing.  Just by listening to one of Jimmy’s divine recordings you can speed up your healing process in no time!  Years of waiting for your miracle is now powerfully replaced with instantaneous results! You will be amazed as you literally feel the shifting of different layers energy moving throughout your mind, body and spirit while listing to Jimmy’s recordings.  Your real and complete healing takes place while listening to the wise compassionate voice .  Jimmy’s unique style along with his insightful teachings travel beyond your everyday conscious mind to penetrate into your deepest levels of subconsciousness where your soul dwells.  By speaking directly to your soul mind, Jimmy awakens your ability to receive and achieve all of your dreams and desires!   Thank you Jimmy Mack for bring my liquid fish and so much more personally to me and the world!  P.S.-  I can’t wait to receive my next recording! “

Jeremy RidenIntuitive Life Coach


Thanks Jimmy, for all your beautiful and amazing work, your humor… and a gazillion gigabytes of gratitude for re-posting my “I am Now Healing” page!  There’s no place like home – Jimmy Mack’s home page, that is!
Elma Mayer

“I believe that there are some people in this world who are just “connected” on another level.  Jimmy is one of those people.  My favorite is when friends ask, “But what does he do?”  And I just laugh and say “You have to go experience it for yourself.”  I am a mental health counselor and I always tell people I have whole self-care team helping me work through my own stuff, and Jimmy has been one of those people for years.  He has helped me through so many life transitions, and the lowest points in my life.  The speed with which he can ask for things to change is unlike any other modality.  I am forever grateful for him.”

Marissa Geraci, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

“I appreciate Jimmy Mack and the work that he does.  I was pretty stuck in my life back in 2009 and went to see Jimmy.  I did several sessions with him and shifted some major things that had kept me from moving forward and truly bringing me and my gifts to the world.  I always knew I had a bigger purpose than what I had been living but no matter what I had tried it just had not changed much of anything.
I contribute and give Jimmy credit for being instrumental in breaking loose the old programming and creating the space for me to step into who I am and what I do today.  I call him “My Big Gun” as he has worked magic in my life and is the first person I call when I run up against one of those old programs that is stubborn and simply causing me not to be the best I can be.  Don’t ask me how he does what he does, he just does and it works!  Let go of the “how” it works and trust.
In Oct. 2012 I remember doing work with Jimmy around my fears of doing a telesummit.  I am proud to say that my telesummit is a success.  I am making a difference and touching lives in the way that I was meant to.  I am over joyed to be doing the coaching work I do with women all over the world, helping them step into their magnificence and start making a difference in the world.
Thank you Jimmy, I am deeply grateful and appreciative of all you have helped me with.  The work you do is transformational!
Diane Marie
Be Authentic, BE YOU!

I am so grateful for having Jimmy in my life. I am still astonished by the efficacy, effectiveness and accuracy of his work. I’ve been on a healing path for over 20 years and I never met anyone who would go so deeply in search of underlying causes of dis-ease in body, life and living, not being the fullness of me and not receiving from everywhere I would like to receive from. He pointed out and CLEARED issues I had no idea existed, the very hidden, sneaky and poisonous beliefs that limited me and my life. As a result, after just 3 sessions (that were fun, too :o) I have better relationship with my husband, children, myself, more ease in my body and can tap into my potency and power on daily basis. Jimmy is as effective in person as at the distance (phone session) and being a surrogate for someone else. He lowered high fewer in my 6-year old son in a matter of minutes (after a less than 10-minutes phone session!).
Thank you, Jimmy for being in this world!”

Gosia Lorenz
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

I have known Jimmy for many years now and have had several sessions with him.  He is an exceptionally gifted spiritual healer who has an amazing intuitive ability to access information from within the field that is transformational on all levels. Playing in the field with Jimmy has had a profound and noticeable affect on my emotional, physical and mental life and has opened doors for me in all areas.  His deep grasp and understanding of what it means to truly access infinite possibility is just one of his many talents, and coupled with his fun, loving, presence, is life changing. His commitment and dedication to continually expand his healing abilities in service of all who come to him is to be commended.  I am truly grateful and honored to have someone like Jimmy in my life.
Lara Allison DVM
Level, 1,2,3 & 4
Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner
As a light worker for over 25 years, I need to say that it was a “Miracle” finding you with your amazing gift.  After suffering for three months, and 4 RX’s to kill this parasite, with no improvement in my health, I still suffered with the parasite.  In fact I was getting more depressed while my energy level was depleting and I was at my wits end.  21days after my first treatment with you I am estatic to say that I am totally clear and free of this parasite. With 1 1/2 hours of treatment with Jimmy I am truly grateful to be healed and energized.  God Bless you !

Joanne Cuonzo

Astrology, Numerology, Angel Card Readings, Shusta Card Readings


I refer to Jimmy Mack as my ‘Secret Weapon’. And when I need to call in the ‘Big Guns’ for healing, he’s who I call.  Since I am a person that does energy work, I understand and appreciate the talent that Jimmy Mack has.
In the past, I have been in extreme pain in my back and it was difficult for me to walk and sit, and with one phone call to Jimmy Mack for a session, the pain was gone.
He also assisted me with my business and career, removing blocks so that things began to flow.
I recently had an adverse reaction to some new bio-identical hormone replacement therapy I was on, while at the same time I had started a detox cleanse.  My system wasn’t happy with it and I was in tremendous pain.  I stopped taking everything and called Jimmy Mack for help.  I had immediate relief in our session and the remainder of the pain was totally gone in a day and a half.  I was extremely grateful that I had someone to call and I enjoyed telling my doctor that I was lucky that I had an amazing healer that helped me get rid of my pain.
I highly recommend Jimmy Mack – and while he’s a little bit unorthodox, he gets the job done!
Kathy Perry
Social Media &Internet Marketing Specialist, Author & Speaker
 Kathy is a co-author with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley in Stepping Stones to Success

 Jimmy Mack’s fees are some of the best money you will every spend!  I have had several sessions with him and have seen my healing practice and my life take off, not to mention increased joy, balance, well being in all areas of my life.  My senses have opened, my work has deepened and I feel very aligned. He is a wonderful person and will do everything in his power to assist you in unearthing any resistance that is holding you back so that you can take off with your life!
Lisa W MacDonnell
Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Thanks! Jimmy, your healing’s are profound and inspirational – and you can quote me on that! God Bless!
Kevin Baluha
ThetaHealing® Instructor
Matrix Energetics 1,2 & 3

 I just want to thank you very much for a great session and I am addicted to miracles and I’m just waiting for more miracles to happen after the session with you!
 Thank you for existing.
Rocio Salgado
Herbalife Distributor
Certified Advance ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor
Certified Energy Healer and Reiki Master

You will find very few testimonials written by me. Though many thanks to key individuals have been made in private, I am an extremely private person on personal matters and it is EXTREMELY rare for me to put things such as this in print. I am doing this out of the profound gratitude that I have for Jimmy Mack.
I will not tell you the reason that I came to him as it is deeply personal and I prefer to keep it private. However I will tell you that the results were so profound and so immediate that half-way through my first session with Jimmy Mack, I interrupted the session to ask him if I could pay him more money for my session because of what I was receiving.  In fact for that session and from that day forward I paid almost double, with my insistence — not his, as I could not justify it otherwise. This is how profound the benefits / results where that I received from him.
You should also know what a rare gift it is to find someone who will just be in service to you without attachments and trying to put their own spin on it. Whatever made you put its intelligence in you. And when someone tries to do it better, it will never be as powerful as the original. I found Jimmy to uphold this tenet, and this is in fact why I chose him in the first place. Jimmy, my friend, I have much profound love and gratitude for you. You will forever have a special place in my heart.
Cynthia Miles
 Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Great session. Great stuff.  I could also really feel the energy flowing and pulsing (always a good sign for me when a shift is happening.)  So good to hear all that stuff and get confirmations with the muscle testing.  I appreciate all your work and care and feel blessed that we have had the opportunity to work together.
Kelly Woodruff
Certified Reconnective Healing Instructor

You are a master. In addition to your learned abilities, I could, on top of your professionally delivered gifts,  know and get the energy of your unconditional love for all.  A true blessing in itself. The following morning, a company that I invested in acquired some long sought after capitalization.  I noticed also, that I went through a period of extreme sadness, bordering an onslaught of depression.  ‘knowing’ that we removed those certain belief systems, I realized that I was grieving the loss of those limiting beliefs, and that was a good thing. I could hear in my subconscious, wait a minute, I want this gone, this is a time to celebrate!  I did let the sadness run it’s course, celebrating it’s departure!
I am able to sense a rumble. I can feel the magnet of abundance deep inside me attracting the wealth and comfort needed to further my work.
Gregory Joseph
Healer, Practitioner, Instructor/ Colorado
It IS good to be king and you are definitely one among the “muggles”!!  Just recently, I had more money than I knew what to do with.  I had money in my account, money in my pocket and all my small bills are paid up.  More is on the way, I can FEEL it!  You totally ROCK, dude!
                                                     THREE MONTH’S AFTER OUR SESSION
Well, we’ve manifested a trip to Scotland to teach/assist in mid-May…..AND….I got my tax return back EARLY….AND……….I have new employment…….AND………I’ve manifested a new place (exactly what I asked for)………..AND……….things between me and mine are going GREAT!  How’s that for an update?!
                                                      SIX MONTHS AFTER OUR SESSION
Connected with an OLD OLD boyfriend he has (LITERALLY) a million and a half air miles.  I have my FREE ticket to Scotland!  I get a call from my old next-door neighbor; Jen, can you do some work for me?  OK, I do it.  She asks me to get under the houses to check why there’s water under there, they need to check the gas lines, can’t get to it because of the water.  Get under there and find (literally)  4 1/2 feet of it under one side, 8 inches under another.  Submit a bid to the owner for $3200, he accepts it.  Got another $400 for replacing a drain-line to the street.  A bid for all new insulation under 2-4 units going in next (contaminated from the raw sewage water I pumped out last week).  MORE MONEY coming in for me!
Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Washington State
THANK YOU Jimmy!!!!   I also want to express my GRATITUDE for your assisting my very good friend.   She is precious to me and I am thankful for your assistance.   Sometimes we don’t know why we are guided to do things…we just have to trust that it is Divine Guidance!!! Thank You!!!
I must also tell you that I am GENUINE in my appreciation for the hour that I have spent with you!!  I believe that it was the trigger and support that I needed for major change in my life.   I have some very powerful ideas for healing events and I would like you to be part of them…if and when you are guided to be.
I don’t want to lose trackof my mission WeBelieveInLight!!!   That mission is to spread the word for ALL healers and to give those searching…the guidance they are seeking.   There are so MANY beautiful LightWorkers on this earth.  I only seek to serve and assist.   Where that leads me is unclear….but it IS beautiful…and I would like you to be part of it in Divine Time. Forever Grateful.
Before Jimmy Mack worked with me regarding having more abundance in my life, I had been working to remove the old “tapes” that I was consciously aware of.  But I knew inside that there were still many things that were in the way of me living my potential – some I was aware of and others still unknown to me until my session with Jimmy.
Jimmy was able to clear all of the “things in the way” and replace them with healthy, positive thoughts and attitudes.  As the blockages fell away, I felt lighter and lighter.  I remember laughing and smiling this big grin when we were done!
It’s just amazing beyond words what has come about after my session with Jimmy!  I’m in alignment now – on all levels.  I feel solid now (if you can relate), I feel like all parts of me are now on the same positive page and working toward the same things together.  And my life is rapidly moving forward with ease now!
It feels like my energy is more “attractive” now, and my communication and with others radiates more of the real “me”.  My business is growing to the next level now and my clients are feeling the difference too.  They’re able to release their issues more quickly, and it seems more deeply and easily too.
Jimmy, words just cannot adequately describe the wondrous ways in which I have been changed and my life has changed because of you!  I have this thought running through my head now: “I can do all things!”
How amazing is THAT?!
Thank you from the inner depths of my being for all you’ve helped me allow into my daily life, for the benefit of others, as well as myself!
Sandy Schell, LMT, ACST
Body Wisdom CranioSacral Therapy
WOW Jimmy Mack,
What an amazing experience I had with you on Sunday. I feel like a new being. I feel so happy and greatful and full of love and light and appreciation, something that I have not felt for a very long long time. Everything around me appears to be brighter (color-wise).
I took a walk with my mom, last night and there was no pain, it was awesome!
I think we accomplished more in 90min than the last 10years of all the therapies I have had!  Thank you so much!!!!!!
God Bless, sending Love and Light…
LaurieJo Forrester, LMT
cranial/structural therapist
Thanks so much for the session you did with me recently.  I’ve been thinking back and now realize in retrospect the changes in my abundance and all the classes I’ve begun manifesting really seemed to fall into place after you did your work with me.  Thank you so much. Your work is very refreshing and unique.  I think you are the perfect person to be channelling this really cool style of blending ThetaHealing® with the manifesting of financial and material abundance. I won’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone in the future.  Thanks my brother… you are totally cool and VERY GOOD at what you do.”
Stephen Roy Parker
ThetaHealing® Certified Teacher, Master & Instructor
“Beyond Ideas Of Right Doing and Wrong Doing There Is A Field, I’ll Meet You There.”

Each of us is in their world. Each creates their own version.  Congratulations on your new world.  It is always an honor to witness for all those souls who seek self empowerment. U have become a beacon of light & love to more & more souls & continue to raise the consciousness of all of those who partake in the grand illusion of the ego. ad 3 lovely souls last weekend who knew & all spoke very complimentary things about u. Thanx for the referrals!!! U have a gift for touching many peoples lives with all that u are involved in.  Unconditional Love, Truth, Gratitude, Humility, Tranquility, Grace & Miracles Always!!!!
Lu Thalhoffer
Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor Manifestation and Abundance
And Certified To Teach And Instruct ThetaHealing® Courses

Thank you Jim,
I just got back from a few days away and saw your email. I also enjoyed our time-sharing ThetaHealing® and am happy to swap again if you wish. Warm wishes to you
P.S. Thanks for the tips
P.S.S.  I have to say, I am still giggling at some of those beliefs, I can’t believe I had them
Australia, Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor In All Levels

May I commence by saying what a great pleasure it was to connect with you. Thank you for the ThetaHealing® and sharing your wisdom. Communication via phone is interesting as it removes the ability to interpret information through the greater medium of body language, which usually consists of around 70% of the communication process. I am very familiar with this medium through my radio work and I have learned to ‘go deep’ and listen to what is said and what is not said. Along with what is not said, I closely monitor breath, voice, articulation, hesitations, tone and pitch to get a fix on a person’s sincerity and integrity. You my dear a quite sensational in terms of your congruency! Clearly you have tremendous skills and insight and I thank you for your openness, willingness to share your knowledge, your authenticity and the opportunity to connect.  I feel really calm…and focused…and I slept for a good 14 hrs…almost unheard of from me…xxxx
Helen Hartley
Professional Astrologer