Session Pricing – Jimmy Mack Healing

Note on purchasing sessions:  I do not issue refunds for any reason. I charge for my time on the phone, Skype or in person and if you cancel prior to an appointment or during one for any reason, there are no refunds or exchanges of any kind. If you purchase a product, there are no refunds or exchanges for any reason at any time. Once delivered, they cannot be unheard or unseen and cannot be returned. I do not guarantee any results any more than any physician, lawyer or teacher would. I am only charging for services of time and or for products and I make no promises or guarantees, expressed, written or implied.

The payment buttons below will direct you to place your sessions order through the Jimmy Mack Healing Shop for easy check out with your credit card and will also have PayPal as a payment option.


Tune-up Mini Session
15 Minutes
Fee: $45

This is primarily for previous clients only who have worked with me in the past or on going and know exactly what a session is like and how to prepare for the session. This is for a time of crossroads, a tune-up, very brief Q and A’s; like should we buy this house or that one? Car or SUV, which school for our child etc. Once you’re an established client, you’ll find that even a tune-up session as brief as 15 minutes can make a world of difference.



Transformative Session
30 Minutes
Fee: $75

It is primarily for experienced/established clients as well as a first-time appointment UNLESS you have multiple issues, diseases, disorders, life changes and things that take time to discuss and work through.

We will discuss your main issues of the day and formulate a plan. I will cover a variety of key beliefs to discuss and work on creating real changes in order to offer relief.  After this standard session, clients have experienced changes and come away with a greater sense of peace.

*You may NOT combine two 30 min sessions into a single 1-hr appointment.




Dynamic Session
60 Minutes
Fee: $225

One hour sessions are generally reserved only for those clients who have never had work done before and have multiple issues illness disease, disorders… several major life challenges…. questions about relationships, work job career, finances etc.  It takes time to discuss these, sort them out and create a plan.

An hour is a long time for us to work together so you must come prepared with written lists and be hydrated.   We will cover a lot of ground and we are going to go fast. Not out of breath fast, but you will end the call feeling that our session will have greatly enhanced every aspect of your being and allow for the highest probability to create changes.

*Clients do have the option of splitting up their time into 15 or 30 minutes increments as needed and bank the remainder.

**You may NOT combine two – 30 min sessions into a single 1-hr appointment.




Pet Healing Session
30 Minute Session
Fee: $95

What in the world is Buster saying? Why is he always sick when the Vet can’t seem to figure it out? He has a chronic……and always seems to…………….We will delve in to this during our half hour session about your favorite furry friend and see what they are really thinking, feeling, and trying to tell you!. We will tap in to and make every effort to come up with viable, practical solutions that will bring about a healing through a holistic approach.

Please check out for more information!

I have found over time that working with the human, very often their pet friends can exude the same diseases and disorders as their human family is displaying or experiencing. In short, when we can work on either the pet or the human, often both shift in a positive manner. I have work/played with a variety of animals and have had incredible results in changing and shifting conditions, diseases and disorders that were once considered incurable.

I often like to say, your results may vary! And “there are no guarantees” but for those who have furry family members who have been written off by western medicine or who just need a basic tune up, miracles can and often do show up. I can also assist with end of life transitions for your furry beloved.




Got a job interview next week?  going to court? Trying to get a mortgage? Surgery scheduled for you or a loved one?  These are just some of the life at the cross roads events that are ideal for My Daily Prayer program.

Your name will be added to a special VIP Prayer list where Jimmy will use his intelligent computer software, src4you which runs 24/7, to delete the negative and increase the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of favorable outcomes for you.  

In addition, throughout the full 30-days, Jimmy will be dialing in to your energetic signature each day upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day. He is doing the heavy lifting for you around 3am NY time while most of you are asleep in order to smooth out your way and increase your most favorable life outcomes.

The 30-day service is being offered and you also have the option of selecting an ongoing subscription for a savings.

*Upon sending an email request after your purchase, you can receive a one-time sample/example of the software analysis. Most clients have had amazing results and outcomes!

My Daily Prayer Service
30 days of daily prayer
Fee: $99 single payment



RENEWAL OPTION: Purchase an automatic recurring subscription and SAVE – just $95/month. You can update your prayers monthly and cancel or pause anytime.

Use PayPal for subscription Click here 

Use Stripe for subscription Click here.


This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone. You can add yourself and those living in your immediate household and yes you can include pets! Merely include everyone’s names.

You can run this monthly and stop at any time after the 30 days is up you will have the opportunity to renew each month, but are under no obligation. I know you will actually see and feel the differences that this can make for you.

You can stop or start at any time and this is about 3$’s a day which is less than a trip to Starbucks! It will create more magic in your life!



Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to use Paypal. I am a verified PayPal provider and have been for over 10 (ten) years.

Once you contact me to schedule an appointment, I will send you a link to follow, which will be straightforward and easy to complete OR you can click on one of the buttons above and prepay. Make a list of questions ahead of time, but do not send them to me. We will address them live when we connect. You will also want to be hydrated. This is for you, not for me. It will allow you to better feel the changes taking place

Email is the best way to reach me, so if you have questions or concerns, please contact me prior to our appointed time. Our time is precious. Unless prior arrangements have been made, and payment is not completed at least 24 hours prior to our session, the session will not occur. If you have pre paid and I cannot reach you via phone and email within the first 15 minutes, we will reschedule. I am often wait listed and have a variety of clients worldwide including those with life changing diseases and disorders, so we both need to be committed to our time together. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.