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Remote energy healing practices are being rediscovered by modern civilization, and are being analyzed by our advanced technology. We can now scientifically measure what healers have known across the world from long ago.

All matter is made of energy. Matter such as humans, plants and objects resonate at arious frequencies that are scientifically measurable. Contemporary science is developing tools and devices that can effectively measure such subtle energy fields and their frequencies, matter and various subtle energy dimensions including those within and around the body sphere. Subtle realms and harmonic frequencies, however, are measurable and show variations around and within the body, in our environment and throughout our atmosphere.

How does Remote Energy Healing work?
The healer connects to the energy signature of the client and using their connection with spiritual guidance, visualizes and manipulates the energy field, and channels healing energy from the divine.

Remote energy healing is based on human abilities that have long been forgotten as we worked more and more with science and technology.  Individuals involved in remote energy healing activate and exercise internal healing aspects built into all humans. Internal spiritual mechanisms in the body of both healer and recipient are activated, and distant, remote or non-local healing processes occur.

What is the structure of remote energy healing?
Remote energy healing is part of a larger field that is under scientific investigation, and extends into various academic disciplines and professions.  Remote healing connects with many frontiers that are just beginning to gain an understanding of how remote energy healing actually works. Over the last few decades, studies involved in biological energy fields have been increasingly performed as more sophisticated tools are now able to accurately measure these energy fields.

The mechanism for remote energy healing continues in ongoing research to provide substantial evidence to support remote healing as a highly effective healing modality for many conditions. Scientific research into remote energy healing is focussed on cause and effect type of research. Studies measure before and after results of remote energy healing. There are many studies showing effectiveness on a variety of conditions. Research to date has been providing researchers with first-hand healing accounts and experiences.

How Remote Energy Healing Works via Skype or Phone
What current science supports is the notion that a healing action occurs simultaneously in nonlocal space. The term and concept of nonlocal space is used frequently in the discourse of science and healing. Quantum mechanics research and experimental findings suggest that there can be a simultaneous action-reaction dynamic within or throughout vast physical distance or geographic space using such communications mediums as phone or skype. Thus an energy practitioner once linked into an energetic signature of a client can effectively work in a different time zone and from a different country using any communications medium. All energetic information is available within our connective energy grid of consciousness. Energy practitioners or healers are just tuned into energy frequencies and are able to tap into the field of subtle energies and work to shift the subtle energy fields of individuals.

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