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Jimmy is available for guest speaking engagements including radio, podcast and telesummit interviews as well as live presentations.

Jimmy Mack believes that all change begins and ends with us working on ourselves and that everything is energy. He has the ability, and he teaches others, how to get a clear answer on whether our energetic frequency is vibrating at a YES or a NO when testing out a specific statement of belief.  Once we have that information, we then have a direction to create change.  The real power is not in asking the question, it’s in the ability to actually change beliefs by shifting the energy and Jimmy has developed and teaches this proven technological method for creating change made simple called My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™.

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“I’ve heard some amazing stories and I’ve seen it in my own life, actually just playing with this
silently on your computer you will see shifts in your abundance. In our own You Wealth
Revolution and what we’ve been doing, we have used this to see some big increases in
people just coming into our world and into the programs. It’s pretty amazing. And the one
experiment that I did, it literally happened within a few moments of playing “The Gold Coin”
activation. I want to share that everyone is going to be different, but that was just a pretty
interesting thing about that. Jimmy goes through hundreds and hundreds of clearings but like he
says, they can be attached to very very distant, discordant, frequencies, ideas and belief
systems so you could be pulling up through one belief system – thousands. So take a look at
Jimmy Mack’s work, it’s so unique and amazing.” – Darius Barazandeh / You Wealth Revolution host (Testimonial transcript from Darius’ video)

“When you worked with me on the phone — and it was only for about 10 min and it was amazing… I swear, the rest of the day I was on fire! When you were doing the fishing work with me it was so FAST! I haven’t felt that good in a very long time. I was blown away and I’m not impressed easily, but I was deeply impressed.” – Mike Picone / Awakened & Ready host

“Wow, this is an amazing technology! I am in Australia and Jimmy is sitting in Florida and we were able to muscle test a few options. And it’s just now beginning to land on me and I’m feeling a lot lighter, and I can feel a vast difference from just about 15 or 20 minutes ago when we worked together over the phone and it’s just getting better and better right now.” – Durva Ghandi / The Transformation Show host


September 2020 – The Global Gathering – host Dipal Shah
Dec/Sept/June/February 2020The Cari Murphy Show – host Cari Murphy
Oct/May 2020/August 2019The Alara Canfield Show – host Alara Canfield
Nov/April 2020/Sept. 2019You Wealth Revolution – host Darius Barazandeh
March 2020Wisdom of the Ancients – host Ian Shelley
February 2020/May 2019Quantum Transformations – host Lauren Galey
2020/2019/2018Soul Talk Radio – host Patty Malek (7 appearances)
January 2020Dare to be Authentic – host Mari Mitchell
July 2019The Transformation Show – host Durva Ghandi *requested by listeners
June/Oct 2019Jazz Up Your Life – host Judy Anderson *requested by listeners
March 2019Set Yourself Free – host Karen Uppal
2015/2016The Sheila Gale Show – host Sheila Gale (2 appearances)

Other notables: Law of Attraction Radio w/host Jewels Johnson; Financial
Consciousness Summit w/host Dana Williams; Joy Generator Summit w/host Natalie
Rose; Your Divine Uniqueness w/host Moncef Afkin; Self-Healing to Wholeness
w/host Carole Grace

Conversations with Marla Martenson Ongoing video series on YouTube
Spiritual Insights Radio – Ongoing monthly guest, dozens of archived shows


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